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 Manual for course enrollment and payment through online system.pdf
Semester 1/2021
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 1/2021.pdf  (24 August 2021)
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 1/2021 (Automotive).pdf  (11 August 2021)
 Section for student ID 6410XXXXXX.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX EL214.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX IE261.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX MA214.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX + 6210XXXXXX TU107.pdf
 Section for student ID 631075XXXX + 621075XXXX TU108.pdf
 TU108 Salf Development and Manaement Sec.750001 and Sec.750002 (Timetable).pdf  (4 August 2021)
 Section for student ID 621075XXXX EL314.pdf 
 Section for student ID 621075XXXX + 611075XXXX TU106.pdf
Pre-Course 2021 (New students)
 Pre-Course Schedule 2021.pdf
 Pre-Course Outline.pdf 
 Class list for English Course.pdf
 Pre-Course Documentation Click here
Semester Summer/2020 and 1/2021 (TEP)
 Tentative Class Schedule TEP-TEPE Summer 2020.pdf
 Tentative Class Schedule for TEP 3rd year student.pdf 
 Tentative Class Schedule for Summer/2020 (Automotive).pdf 
 Pre-Courses SCHEDULE 2021 for TEP.pdf 
Semester 2/2020
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 2/2020.pdf
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 2/2020 (Automotive).pdf
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX + 6210XXXXXX TU105.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX IE ME AUTO.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX CN101.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX EL215.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX TU109.pdf 
Add-drop courses without receiving a  record of Withdrawal (W)  in Academic Record and 50% Tuition Fees refunded
Late registration (Fine of 45 Baht/Day is applied to those delaying the payment of tuition& other fees)
****************************    Jan 25(Mon) – 29(Fri),2021 The system will close at 5:00 pm
Payment period (TU GREATS Application)
Jan 30(Sat) – Feb 2(Tue),2021
Semester 1/2020
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 1/2020.pdf 
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 1/2020 (Automotive).pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX.pdf
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX TU104.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX TU050.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX TU105.pdf 
 Section for student ID 621075XXXX + 611075XXXX TU108.pdf
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX + 611075XXXX TU107.pdf
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX MA214.pdf
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX IE261.pdf
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX EL214.pdf
 Section for student ID 6110XXXXXX EL314.pdf

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