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 Manual for course enrollment and payment through online system.pdf
Pre-Course 2021 (New students) 
 Pre-Course Schedule 2021.pdf
 Pre-Course Outline.pdf  (2 June 2021)
 Class list for English Course.pdf  (2 June 2021)
Semester 1/2021
 Tentative Class Schedule for TEP 3rd year student.pdf  (6 June 2021)
 Pre-Courses SCHEDULE 2021 for TEP.pdf 
Semester Summer/2020
 Tentative Class Schedule TEP-TEPE Summer 2020.pdf  (4 June 2021)
 Tentative Class Schedule for Summer/2020 (Automotive).pdf 
Semester 2/2020
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 2/2020.pdf
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 2/2020 (Automotive).pdf
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX + 6210XXXXXX TU105.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX IE ME AUTO.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX CN101.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX EL215.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX TU109.pdf 
Add-drop courses without receiving a  record of Withdrawal (W)  in Academic Record and 50% Tuition Fees refunded
Late registration (Fine of 45 Baht/Day is applied to those delaying the payment of tuition& other fees)
****************************    Jan 25(Mon) – 29(Fri),2021 The system will close at 5:00 pm
Payment period (TU GREATS Application)
Jan 30(Sat) – Feb 2(Tue),2021
Semester 1/2020
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 1/2020.pdf 
 Tentative Class Schedule for Semester 1/2020 (Automotive).pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX.pdf
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX TU104.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX TU050.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6310XXXXXX TU105.pdf 
 Section for student ID 621075XXXX + 611075XXXX TU108.pdf
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX + 611075XXXX TU107.pdf
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX MA214.pdf
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX IE261.pdf
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX EL214.pdf
 Section for student ID 6110XXXXXX EL314.pdf
In Semester 1/2020, students register for TU050 & TU105 courses
during the period of add drop courses without receiving a record of
Withdrawal (W) in Academic Record and 50% Tuition Fees refunded
Aug 17(Mon) 21(Fri), 2020
Semester Summer/2019
 Tentative Class Schedule TEP-TEPE Summer 2019.pdf
 Tentative Class Schedule for Summer/2019 (Automotive).pdf 
Semester 1/2020 TEP
 Tentative Class Schedule for TEP 3rd year students.pdf
Semester 2/2019 
 Tentative Class Schedule for semester 2/2019.pdf  
 Tentative Class Schedule for semester 2/2019 (Automotive).pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX TU105.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6210XXXXXX.pdf 
 Section for student ID 6110XXXXXX.pdf

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